Accent your fire with
custom fire objects

When designing your direct vent Fire Ribbon, you have the option to enhance the flame with Fire Stones and Fire Glass.  Place these fire objects surrounding the gas fire burner on a custom tray. Each will subtly enhance the clean design of your fire ribbon, while tailoring its look to your specific environment.

Our Fire Ribbon Direct Vent units are designed to use the full line of Fire Objects.

Fire Ribbon Vent Free fires are designed to burn only with ebonyglass, iceglass, purple glass, shorestone, mixed beachstone and black beachstone.

The Linear Burner Systems, both indoor and outdoor, are designed to burn only with the following: ebonyglass, iceglass, purpleglass and lavastone

To view each fire object burning click on the item below and select watch video.

Attention: High heat retention properties ensure our Fire Objects will withstand the extreme temperature of gas fires. Do not attempt to place found stones or glass in your fireplace as they will not have the same heat resistance and could break, crack or explode.

ebonyglass ° * shorestone °
iceglass ° * lavastone *
pebblestone moonstone/dark
purpleglass ° * moonstone/pale
mixed beachstone ° black beachstone °

 ° Available for most Vent Free fires
 * Available for Linear Burner System

mixed beachstone black beachstone ebonyglass iceglass purpleglass shorestone
lavastone moonstone/dark moonstone/pale pebblestone